Acts of Violence

If an active shooter is reported or encountered:

Avoid, Deny, Defend


  • If you are outside a building near the threat, go to nearest cover immediately.
  • If you are inside the building and you are confident you know the shooter’s location and have a clear path to an exit, evacuate immediately and take others with you if possible.


  • If you are unsure that you can safely exit the building, secure the area by following these tips:
    • lock and barricade doors
    • stay away from doors or windows
    • turn off lights
    • block windows
    • turn off radios and computer monitors
    • keep yourself out of sight (take cover/protection from bullets by using concrete walls or filing cabinets), and
    • silence your cell phone.
  • What to report to 911:
    • your specific location.
    • number of people at your location
    • number of injured and types of injuries
    • assailant(s) – location, number of suspects, race/gender, clothing description, physical features, types of weapons, backpack, shooter’s identity (if known), separate explosions from gunfire, etc.


  • As a last resort, and only if your life is in danger :
    • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter
    • Act with physical aggression
    • Improvise weapons
    • Commit to your actions

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Avoid, Deny, Defend

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