Student in Distress

If you observe a student, who you believe is in distress you should contact the Counseling Center (located in the University Center 338) at 425-4438 or inform the student about the Counseling Center walk in hours from 9 a.m.–noon and 1–3 p.m.

Counseling staff will make arrangements to see students in crisis anytime, please call ahead so that they can make arrangements for a staff member to be available.

Contact the Counseling Center to consult about other ways to get the person to counseling if the above measures do not work or do not feel appropriate for the situation.

If a situation occurs after business hours, a counselor is available on call and may be reached by contacting Campus Police at 425- HELP (4357).

If you have consulted with the Counseling staff and the student refuses counseling and continues to exhibit troubling behavior than contact the Dean of Students Office, 425- 4761, to discuss whether or not the student can be required to participate in a mental health assessment given the behaviors exhibited.

How do you know a student is in distress?

  •  withdrawal or lack of emotion
  • a heightened level of anxiety
  • change in affect, appearance or behavior
  • lack of logical flow of speech or ideas
  • increase in substance use
  • sleepy or drowsy in class
  • anger or irritation beyond the level appropriate for a given situation
  • emails or writing which include violent, destructive or illogical content
  • inappropriate conduct in a classroom or office setting such as numerous emails, questions in class, etc.
  • preoccupied with death or violence
  • talking about suicide or violence frequently
  • giving away objects of value
  • angry outbursts that appear to be beyond the person’s control
  • saying goodbye either literally or figuratively

If at any time you feel that you, the student, or other students are in immediate danger, contact the Campus Police at 911 or 425 – HELP(4357).