Emergency Evacuation

Causes for evacuation may be fire, hazardous chemical incidents, explosion, severe weather or other conditions.

emergency avacuation signage
Evacuate the building immediately and go to the emergency assembly area (or at least 500 feet away).

UTC campus buildings are equipped with fire evacuation alarm systems that include smoke and heat alarms, sprinkler water-flow alarms and wall-mounted pull stations.

If you hear a fire/evacuation alarm, you should evacuate the building immediately. Go to the emergency assembly area (or at least 500 feet away) indicated on the emergency evacuation signage in each building.

Stay at the emergency assembly area until you receive an "all clear" from local responders.

Anyone discovering a fire, witnessing an explosion or being made aware of a hazardous chemical incident should immediately activate the building evacuation alarm by pulling a pull station located at the exit ways and then notifying the Campus Police by dialing 911.

Persons with Disability

Physically impaired individuals should be identified for assistance by fellow building occupants. Mobility impaired individuals on upper floors should proceed to the nearest exit stairwell or designated area of refuge indicated on emergency evacuation signage and wait for assistance by emergency response personnel. Once outside the building, co-workers should immediately notify emergency response personnel of the location of mobility impaired individuals.


Any questions concerning this evacuation procedure should be referred to the UTC Office of Safety and Risk Management at extension 423-425-5949 or 423-425-5741.