Chemical Release/Spill

If the identity of a spilled chemical is unknown, treat it as a hazardous/toxic material.  Do NOT attempt to clean it up.  Contact Campus Police immediately at 911 or 425-HELP (4357).

If the material presents any danger to you or other building occupants, you must follow these steps:

  • Call the Campus Police at 911 or 425-HELP (4357). Give your name, department and location of the spill.
  • Pull a fire alarm pull station to begin building evacuation.
  • If you know it is safe to do so, try to contain the spill by using any absorbent materials available. Close the door to the area and leave the building.
  • If flammable liquids are spilled, extinguish all sources of ignition (i.e. Bunsen burners) but DO NOT turn off or on any light switches or electrical equipment. Such an action could cause an ignition.
  • Evacuate to a safe distance away from the building. Do not return to the building until told it is safe to do so by authorized personnel.
  • Do not walk through or stand near any smoke, vapors or fumes.
  • If you have first-hand knowledge of the spill, notify emergency responders once you are outside of the building.
  • Once you have evacuated, stay with co-workers so that it can be determined if all personnel have left the building.