Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat Call Form →

What to do:

Bomb threats usually occur by telephone. Try to keep the caller on the line as long as possible.

  • Try to stay calm and obtain as much information as possible by using the checklist on the next page.
  • Contact the Campus Police immediately and give them any information you were able to obtain from the caller, as well as what time you received the call and where you are calling from.
  • Inform your supervisor or department head.
  • The police will be responsible for building evacuation.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate the building, move a safe distance away from the building. Do not re-enter the building until told that it is safe to do so by authorized personnel.
  • If you should see a suspicious object or package, report it to the Campus Police. DO NOT TOUCH it or move it in any way.
  • You will be asked to fill out the following form if you received the threat by phone: Bomb Threat Call Form.