Emergency Management

What's the difference between Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness?EOC during Emergency Management Exercise

Emergency preparedness is done at the individual and family level. It involves knowing what you and your family would do in an emergency, getting your own emergency kit, and making sure you have access to all of the information you need to be prepared for an emergency. For more information, visit our Emergency Preparedness page.

Emergency Management refers to the activities needed to plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies on a community-wide level. This includes identifying possible problems, providing information to the campus, training individuals who will assist during emergencies and conducting exercises to prepare for such emergencies. Here at UTC, Emergency Management means coordinating these actions listed above and the resources needed to bring our campus back to normal operations as soon as possible.

 Waiting for the Exercise to Begin

Who is responsible for managing emergencies on the UTC Campus?

Many people on campus are involved. Of course, our first line of defense are our first responders. These responders include UTC and Chattanooga Police, Chattanooga Fire and Hamilton County EMS personnel. Campus resource allocation and decision-making is done by our Emergency Operations Center Team. This team is made up of all of the major functions on campus. 

The Emergency Operations Team receives strategic guidance from UTC's Executive Leadership Team. 


What kinds of emergencies does UTC plan for?

We actually conduct two types of planning. We plan for specific types of problems including:

  • Active Violence
  • Significant Campus Damage (Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Floods)
  • Infectious Disease Incidents (Pandemic, Foodborne and Biological Attack)
  • Campus Disturbances
  • Severe Weather
  • Information Technology System Disruption
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents

We also plan for specific tasks which may be needed during an emergency including:

  • Campus Closing Procedures
  • Family Support and Reunification
  • Crisis Communications and Emergency Alerting
  • Emergency Operations Center Operations Procedures
  • IACUC Animal Care Plan